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Koh Kood is located in the eastern Gulf of Thailand next to the Cambodian Border.
Koh Kood is one of 52 Island in this archipelago.
The Island is 25 km long & 12 km wide and the 4th biggest island in Thailand.
The population count around 3000 people.
Koh Kood is about 60 km from the mainland away (by ferry boat).
The first official daily ferry transfer been set up in 2004.
So far infrastructure is on a medium level,
electricity is now available for 24 h , roads are under construction,
but at the southern part of the island are still dirt roads .
70% of the island is still covert by rainforests ,
local people live beside the tourism also from rubber- and coconut plantations.

The 2 fishing villages Ao Yai & Ao Salat are the biggest villages on the island
, and support the island with fresh seafood.
Because of the close location to the Cambodian border,
there is also a small military outpost in the southern end of Koh Kood.
The criminal level is count to 0.1%. Koh Kood has a small Police Station
and a good Hospital with 2 Doctors and a daily available Emergency Speedboat to the mainland.
Satellite Internet is available but not always stabile (No Wireless access).
The are about 30 Resort & Guesthouse and a few Restaurants & Bars. Koh Kood is a quit Island,
the Nature and quite Beaches should be the reason to visit the Island.
There are NO ATM machines on the Island !!
You reach Koh Kood from Bangkok or Cambodia
by plane, bus, car and boat (ferry or speed boat)
Timetabel Boat & Bus
Bangkok - Trat - Koh Kood HERE